Tailored Subscription Packages for Startups, Entrepreneurs and SMEs.

This 6-month Brand Accelerator Program is a fully online-only package to help entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs. It is specially built to help you build your brand foundation and to establish your digital presence. At the end of the first month of intensive research on your brand, you will have a launch strategy ready to go market your product/service. After which, you will be guided by our Business Coaches with weekly catch-ups and monthly reports, to fine tune and improve your marketing strategy along the way for the following 5 months.

Choose Among 3 Different Packages of Digital Brand Accelerator Programmes

Just Startup has developed a number of tailored packages for startups, entrepreneurs and SMEs. Through a 6-month journey you can start building your brand, your web presence, your SEO and your social media marketing, with help from specialized consultants.

Step 1
Brand Foundation
Step 2
Visual Identity Creation
Step 3
SEO Strategy
Step 4
Website Design
Step 5
Website Development
Step 6
Social Media Campaign
Step 7
Weekly Consultations
Brand Accelerator Programme 6 Months Package

Digital Brand Accelerator Programmes – How It Works

Through this 6-month journey, your brand, your website and your digital communication material will prosper. You will learn how to clearly talk about your business to potential investors, partners and clients. You will know how to market yourself online and how to manage your website. Depending on what programme you choose, the steps will differ slightly. We have indicated below what each step of the Brand Accelerator Programme entails.

STEP 1 – Defining Your Brand Foundation

During this week, we define, together with you:

  • What do you do? Your Why? Your How?
  • Target Audience Profile
  • Brand Promise, Brand Slogan & Brand Story
  • Brand Personality & Tone of Voice

Time required: 1 week

STEP 2 – Creating Your Visual Identity

This week, we utilise to create your unique identity, fit to your brand objective defined in the previous step.

  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead Template
  • Presentation Template
  • Email Signature

Time required: 1 week

STEP 3 – Defining your SEO Strategy

This week, we help you define your SEO Strategy for the coming year.

  • Volume Search
  • SERP Analysis
  • Competitor ranking
  • Conclusion and suggestions

Time required: 1 week

STEP 4 – Designing Your Website

This week, we design how your website will look like. The work includes:

  • Design and layout of 5 pages
  • Copyediting based on chosen SEO keyword combination
  • Font, images, icons and colours

Time required: 1 week

STEP 5 – Website Development in WordPress

Now, it is time to develop your website. We help you set it up and make all the necessary SEO on page adjustment so that you are ready to use this website yourself.

  • Installation and Set Up webstie
  • Design Customisation 
  • Speed + SEO “on-page” Optimisation

Time required: 1 week

STEP 6 – Social Media Campaign

We help you setup, run and analyse a social media campaign for your brand or product launch.

STEP 7 – Consultation and Coaching

You have now all your tools ready and you are able to launch your marketing and follow up with content development for your brand. To make sure that you are on the right track, you have access to expertise for the rest of your journey. Every week, we sit down and help you with tips and advice for how to further improve and optimise.

Time required: 1 hour coaching every week.

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Meet The Business Coaches

We match you up with the consultant most adapted to your needs within our team of experts.

Rigmor Berthier Marketing Consultant

Rigmor Berthier – Marketing Coach

Rigmor has more than 20 years in branding and marketing, having worked on major strategic brand campaigns with Loreal, Unilever, P&G, Johnson & Johnson and Estee Lauder, amongst many others. She is also a serial entrepreneur, although having started two businesses, and is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Lime Agency! Her often out-of-the-box creative marketing strategies have always been critically-acclaimed and highly sought after by our key clients.

Lee Hui Ting Creative Branding Consultant

Lee Hui Ting – Branding Coach

Firstly, Hui Ting is a multi award-winning designer since the beginning of her career. Being part of the international Business of Purpose network, she is a strong advocate of creating positive impact in the world through her creative work. With over 8 years of experience, she leads the design team at Lime Agency, and have provided creative insights to numerous start-ups through incubator programmes by raiSE, Cocoon Capital, SMU and ImpacTech.

Philippe Mendiharat Seo Expert

Philippe Mendiharat – WordPress & SEO specialist

Philippe began his journey in building websites out of pure interest and fun, before WordPress was launched in 2003! At that time, he got a master in Marketing and E-commerce in Paris. He went on to work for Amadeus, set up a company, worked for another big company, set up another company. In 2013, he moved to Asia and decided to make his passion a full time job. With a focus on SEO, he followed several trainings and constantly stayed up to date with SEO expert groups. “SEO is a mix of technics, data analysis, psychology and experimentations”. He even helped Lime Agency to move from 3rd page of google results, to 1st place in less than a year with the keyword “branding agency singapore”!

Join Brand Accelerator Programme
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We have been partnering since 2016. They have not only been able to build a brand identity for Cocoon Capital itself, giving us the necessary assets to properly position our services, grow and expand but they have also been supporting the start-ups in our portfolio.  Their team brings expertise and knowledge to the table helping start-ups who are part of our programme to not only develop great branding that supports their communication, but also redefining the fundamentals behind the brands to support their long term growth.

– William Klippgen, Cocoon Capital

Who is it for?

√ Start-Ups
√ Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
√ Current & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

And anyone looking at growing their business and communities in a healthy & sustainable way.

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