I already know i want coaching sessions i want business coaching

You know you need to plan a kick-ass communication campaign to generate sales. However, you are totally stuck at how to do it?

By now you probably have put together the PERFECT offer with the most amazing product or service, and you also know that everybody is going to want it! However, you do not have the first clue on how to raise awareness nor how to get people to actually buy it. Of course, we understand it is a stressful time because the financial pressure is ON! Moreover, in order to get your sales going, you find yourself looking at communication plans, the thousands of platforms, the cost of hiring help, your head starts spinning!

We FEEL you and have a question for you!

Have you ever looked at one of your competitor and wondered: “They make it look so easy, but how on earth do they manage to do EVERYTHING?”

  • They claim to do everything themselves yet their identity & communication looks sleek & professional
  • They seem to be at all of the right places and the audience is engaging and responding to their content  100% (even YOU would love to hire them/ buy from them!!)
  • You are frustrated wondering if they have avatars working for them as you are busting your ass working  and don’t seem to have time to set-up half the things they are doing
  • You want to get clear on what it is exactly that you need to do and how to do it to make it efficient and  drive results NOW!
Business Coaching Marketing And Communications

If the thought of everything you need to sort out to get your communication going makes you want to crawl in a hole and cry… you are not alone.

It’s overwhelming for everyone and don’t believe for one seconds the people who tell you it’s not. But we can GUARANTEE you that it is much simpler than you think! And most of the time, what you really need is not an expensive full suite of services but just a quick check in to steer you in the right direction.

Uglygood Singapore Business Coaching

Lime agency has been an instrumental support in our SE journey thus far, we have worked with them previously through a raiSE consultation session and SMU IIE workshop. They were insightful and greatly helpful in helping us construct our brand passport and market positioning of our products. It has definitely allowed our team to further improve and refine our marketing and branding strategy going forward.

– Ugly Good, Jeremy Lee, Founder

Our business coaching sessions are a quick way to catch-up and seek guidance so you can continue running your business without feeling completely alone.

How Does Business Coaching Works?

  1. Book a coaching session and we’ll follow up with you to understand what you need help with to  understand the scope of what we are planning for and who would be the best consultant for you.
  2. Confirm a date and time for our call.
  3. We will send you a unique-to-you pre-call workbook filled with questions and exercises so we can make  the absolute most of our time together.
  4. Meet on Zoom and get down to business for a 1 hour deep-dive consultation!
  5. Post-call, we’ll send you the recording of your call as well as a recommendation document/ e-mail with  links, next steps, and everything we recommend for you to take things forward, so you don’t have to  worry about taking notes or forgetting anything.
  6. The inbox of your consultant will be open 1 week after receiving the post-call document to answer all  the questions you may have.

Get Your Business Coaching Packs Now!

1 Hour
USD 200
  • Pre-call workbook
  • 60-minute call
  • Post-call packet of next-steps
  • 1 week of post-call email support
3 Months
USD 2,000
  • Pre-call workbook
  • 60-minute initial call to set objectives
  • 4 hours of consultation/month to be pre-scheduled
  • Post-call packet of next-steps
6 Months
USD 3,500
  • Pre-call workbook
  • 60-minute initial call to set objectives
  • 4 hours of consultation/month to be pre-scheduled
  • Post-call packet of next-steps
How Does Business Coaching Work

Meet The Business Coaches

We match you up with the consultant most adapted to your need within our team of experts.

Rigmor Berthier Marketing Consultant

Rigmor Berthier – Marketing Coach

Rigmor has more than 20 years in branding and marketing, having worked on major strategic brand campaigns with Loreal, Unilever, P&G, Johnson & Johnson and Estee Lauder, amongst many others. She is also a serial entrepreneur, although having started two businesses, she is already in the midst of building her third! Her often out-of-the-box creative marketing strategies have always been critically-acclaimed and highly sought after by our key clients.

Lee Hui Ting Creative Branding Consultant

Lee Hui Ting – Branding Coach

Firstly, Hui Ting is a multi award-winning designer since the beginning of her career. Being part of the international Business of Purpose network, she is a strong advocate of creating positive impact in the world through her creative work. With over 8 years of experience, she leads the design team at Lime Agency, and have provided creative insights to numerous start-ups through incubator programmes by raiSE, Cocoon Capital, SMU and ImpacTech.

Philippe Mendiharat Seo Expert

Philippe Mendiharat – WordPress & SEO specialist

Philippe began his journey in building websites out of pure interest and fun, before WordPress was launched in 2003! At that time, he got a master in Marketing and E-commerce in Paris. He went on to work for Amadeus, set up a company, worked for another big company, set up another company. In 2013, he moved to Asia and decided to make his passion a full time job. With a focus on SEO, he followed several trainings and constantly stayed up to date with SEO expert groups. “SEO is a mix of technics, data analysis, psychology and experimentations”. He even helped Lime Agency to move from 3rd page of google results, to 3rd place in less than a year with the keyword “branding agency in singapore”!

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“I have attended a workshop by Lime Agency and it was a 360 degree change for our business. Sharent was lost with inconsistent marketing, bad branding and unable to properly market to the right channels. With Lime Agency guidance were able to set up a proper marketing plan for 2019. They have helped us understand consumers pain points and build a real story for our business. After the workshop my team and I started implementing those changes. We now have brand guidelines for designing our marketing materials. We are already seeing an increase in our users who now seem to understand our brand better. We have also narrowed our focus to the right audience with the right message and not confusing the consumers. We have also restructured our website and planning to have proper information hierarchy on our mobile app. As a start-up we cannot afford to make too many mistakes and Lime Agency really helped us by focusing our marketing.

– Eric Tan, CEO, Co-Founder Sharent

Mural Lingo Coaching Testimonial

We had a consultation around public relations with Lime Agency and it was very helpful in identifying the areas that we could explore to improve our efficiency in communications. Lime Agency was genuinely interested in our work and we could tell that they cared about our development.

– Mural Lingo


In conclusion, if you start investing in these business coaching sessions, you will eventually become better at developing your business yourself. In addition, you can also benefit from the safetynet and counsel of experts.

  • Get insights and feedback on your business model, target audience, positioning and branding
  • Get expert advise on your marketing plan, launch plan, budget and activations
  • Test out your website, content strategy and Search optimization
  • Get actionable steps to explore on public relations, social media strategy, digital funnels and  performance marketing
  • Restructure your commercial and investor presentations
  • Plan your upcoming marketing activities and set company objectives
  • And much more

We adapt to your needs!

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Lime Agency has been our partner for 4 years now. They have not only been able to build a brand identity for Cocoon Capital itself, giving us the necessary assets to properly position our services, grow and expand but they have also been supporting the start-ups in our portfolio.  Their team brings expertise and knowledge to the table helping start-ups who are part of our programme to not only develop great branding that supports their communication, but also redefining the fundamentals behind the brands to support their long term growth.

– William Klippgen, Cocoon Capital

Who is it for?

√ Start-Ups
√ Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
√ Current & Aspiring Entrepreneurs
√ Freelancers
√ Solopreneurs
√ Mumpreneurs

And anyone looking at growing their business and communities in a healthy & sustainable way…

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