Just Startup is a project by Lime Agency, a branding and design agency based in Singapore who believes in doing things differently. Operating since 2015, the agency tended to the needs of hundreds of clients, from large MNCs to start-ups and social enterprises, running workshops, developing brands, helping businesses come to life, looking at business models, advising entrepreneurs on how to support the development of their business. It is through this experience and because Lime Agency deeply believes that entrepreneurs and their business vision can change the world that the agency decided to put together a platform which could be a real resource center for entrepreneurs, supporting them throughout their journey with affordable branding kits, DIY solutions, and most importantly making the knowledge and support they need to grow their business easily accessible to them.


Their team brings expertise and knowledge to the table helping start-ups who are part of our programme to not only develop great branding that supports their communication, but also redefining the fundamentals behind the brands to support their long term growth.

William Klippgen / Cocoon Capital

We had a consultation around public relations with Lime Agency and it was very helpful in identifying the areas that we could explore to improve our efficiency in communications. Lime Agency was genuinely interested in our work and we could tell that they cared about our development.

A'Shua Imran / Mural Lingo

Lime agency has been an instrumental support in our SE journey thus far, we have worked with them previously through a raiSE consultation session and SMU IIE workshop. They were insightful and greatly helpful in helping us construct our brand passport and market positioning of our products. It has definitely allowed our team to further improve and refine our marketing and branding strategy going forward.

Jeremy Lee / UglyGood

After listening to our vision, LIME came up with some recommendations regarding our branding, paying particular attention to our needs to expand to other child care providers. We implemented the new logo, and used the materials they provided. Our company has definitely become more visible among our target group and our marketing materials were well received. We are grateful to LIME for the help they have rendered to us.

Sarah Amnah / Achievers Swim

Just Startup was a great opportunity to access to quality branding at a reduced pricing. It was so easy and fuss-free, select a branding, get the adaptation and in no time the team had us all ready and set-up with all the branding files ready to print to launch our business venture. I can’t recommend this format enough.

Freddy Calligaris / HDS

raiSE has worked very closely with Lime Agency on multiple initiatives to support our social enterprise members and we have been very impressed with their work and work ethics. They have been very proactive, responsive and responsible, always ensuring that deadlines are being met and that as clients, we receive regular updates on the progress of the on-going projects. Lime Agency has played a significant role in helping to scale the business and impact of our social enterprises through their work and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

Yen Yee Ho / raiSE