Install a professional WordPress site ready to use on Siteground hosting

In this guideline, we consider you meet the following requirements:

  • You have a hosting plan with Siteground
  • You own a Domain Name and have access to the client area in order to change the DNS records to point to Siteground’s server.
  • You have bought a Flatsome Theme licence from ThemeForest
See what you get when completed

As a beginner, these operation may take between 60 to 90 minutes.
As a professional, this operation takes between 30 to 40 minutes after we get your domain name + hosting credentials – and we charge 250 USD.

Install WordPress on a Siteground server

  • Log into your Siteground’s account
  • Add a new website

Wordpress Step By Step Installation Guide 1

  • Select “Existing domain”
  • Enter your domain name

Wordpress Installation Guide 2

  • Select “Start New Website”
  • Select “WordPress”
  • Enter a strong password or use the password generator.

This is a temporary password we will need later.
Copy paste it in a block text for example.

Wordpress Installation Guide 3

  • If you are not used to security management we recommend to add the SG Site Scanner option
  • And click “Finish”
  • It takes about 1 or 2 minutes for Siteground to prepare and install your WordPress site.

Wordpress Step By Step Installation Guide 4

If everything went well, you should have the following screen.

  • Do not click on “GO TO SITE” or “LOG IN ADMIN” buttons!
  • Click on “Manage Site”

Wordpress Step By Step Installation Guide 5

  • Get your Siteground server IP address

Wordpress Step By Step Installation Guide 19 1

Make sure your Domain Name points to this server IP address

Now we have your Siteground server IP address, we need to make sure your domain name points to it. In order to do this we need to edit your DNS (Domain Name Settings).

You may have registered your domain name from one of the following Registrars. If not, don’t panic, the process to edit DNS Records is quite similar from one registrar to the other.

We need 2 records to be set from your registrar domain name panel:

  • A Record
    • Type = A
    • Host / Name = @
    • Value = the IP Address given by Siteground in previous step
    • TTL = the lowest possible
  • CNAME Record
    • Type = CNAME
    • Host / Name = www
    • Value = @
    • TTL = the lowest possible

How to edit your “A Record” with:

Before we go to the next step, we need to make sure the A Record has been changed and has propagated.

  • The propagation time varies depending on many factors. Usually it takes from a few minutes (10 min) to several hours. Be patient!
  • Check if your A Record has propagated. Go to and enter your “” + search
  • If the IP Address matches with your Siteground’s IP Address, then it means you are ready to go to the next step. If not, wait for some time and check again until it matches.

After your A Record as propagated, we are going to install & activate a SSL Certificate.

  • Go to your Siteground account > WEBSITES > SITE TOOLS > SECURITY > SSL Manager
  • Select “Let’s Encrypt” + GET

It takes about 1 or 2 minutes for the certificate to be created and installed.

Wordpress Step By Step Installation Guide 6

  • Click on the 3 little vertical dots
  • Click “Enforce HTTPS”

Wordpress Step By Step Installation Guide 8

  • Switch the radio button to enable “HTTPS Enforce”

Wordpress Step By Step Installation Guide 9

You can close your SIteground – Site Tools browser tab.

It’s time to go to your WordPress admin login url!

  • Open a new browser tab and head to “
  • Log in with your email address and the password your saved before.
  • You are now in your WordPress Admin Backend!

Wordpress Step By Step Installation Guide 11

Import a Professional WordPress template

  • Go to Plugins and click “Add new”
  • Search for “All-in-One WP Migration”

Wordpress Step By Step Installation Guide 12

  • Click “Install Now”, wait for 10 seconds before the blue button “Activate” appears
  • Click “Activate”

Wordpress Step By Step Installation Guide 13

  • Download our JSU-WP-Pro-Install file and save on your computer
  • Go to “All-in-One WP Migration” > “Import”
  • Select the “JSU-WP-Pro-Install.wpress” file you just saved

Wordpress Step By Step Installation Guide 14

  • Click on “Proceed”
  • This operation takes about 30 seconds to complete

Wordpress Step By Step Installation Guide 16

We are almost done! Now we need to clean up a few things to get a clean and secured WordPress site!

  • After the import is completed you need the log in again to your WordPress Backend site
  • Go to page
  • Use the following credentials
    Username: Just Start Up
    Pass: azc87FcywLpUwVdk*XVbL!ab
  • Go to “Settings” > General and make sure
    WordPress Address (URL) is set to
    Site Address (URL) is set to
    Sometimes Site Address (URL) is set by default to http:// (without the “s”) instead of https:// (with the “s”)
  • Change the Administration Email Address to your business email address
    Ideally this email address should contain your domain name – ex:
  • Also change all the fields that suit your needs: Site Title, Tagline, Site Language, Timezone, Date Format, Time Format, Week Starts On
  • Do not check the box “Anyone can register”.
  • Click “Save Changes” – The blue button at the bottom!

Wordpress Step By Step Installation Guide 17

  • Finally, create a new user with “administration” role
  • Go to “Users”
  • Click “Add New”
  • Fill in the necessary fields: Username, Email, First Name, Last Name
  • Avoid generic terms such as “admin” for the username
  • Make sure to set a strong password – If your password is not strong, chances are very high your site is getting hacked soon!
  • Once it is done, log out as “Just Start Up” username and log in with your newly created user. Delete “Just Start Up” user.

Wordpress Step By Step Installation Guide 18

Register and activate your Flatsome Theme Licence

  • The Flatsome Theme version installed here is probably outdated
  • To keep you site secured and get all the latest features from this Theme, you need to activate your licence and update your Theme to the latest version
  • Go to your WordPress admin panel > Flatsome > Theme Registration
  • Click on “Generate a token here”
  • Follow the steps “Create a token” from the Flatsome documentation.

Flatsome Theme Registration

Your WordPress site is now ready to use!

Just Start Designing it! Follow our next topic about the “design essentials” to start customising it as you wish!

Start Customising
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