The foundation of your brand – Introduction

The following lessons are made with the intention of helping anyone getting started with branding. Before designing a look&feel, we encourage all brands to first go through a journey to identify what type of brand they want to be and who they are going to talk to.

Who will best benefit from this course?

These lessons are best done if you are fulfilling most of the below criteria:

  • You have established a business model
  • You have some clients
  • You have a name for your company
  • You don’t have much time
  • You are able to take decisions

Challenges you might experience today:

  • You need a very long time to explain to a potential client what your brand is doing/selling.
  • Your website, presentations and business cards look “home made” and does not carry a consistent look&feel
  • You have experimented with different taglines and cannot decide which one to choose.
  • Every time a new recruitment is made, the presentation template changes
  • Different team members have different way of writing and this is giving an inconsistent feel when fronting clients.

What will you get after going through the lessons?

After fulfilling all lessons and all tasks and homework, you will, after completion, have defined:

  • Your brand’s Belief System (WHY-HOW-WHAT)
  • Your brand’s Target Audience
  • Your brand’s Positioning
  • Your Brand’s Personality
  • Your Brand’s Tagline
  • Your Brand’s Visual Tone of Voice

Who should go through these lessons?

A brand’s foundation is a big part of a company’s strategy. All strategic decision makers of your company should all go through the lessons, or at least, participate in filling in the home work or giving input. The brand foundation is ONLY successful if ALL decision makers actually make decisions together.

PLEASE DON’T outsource or delegate this work to your marketing intern or any other person that does not take the final decisions of your company’s strategic direction.

Does it take long?

Yes and no! If you all agree its fast! On the other hand, if you tend to discuss and disagree, this exercise will take longer. By experience, if you set aside 1 hour per day for 5 working days, you should be able to fulfil everything.


Download templates

You can download all templates for this course here.


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